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Fresh Fruits Lab
Fruity-focused, artfully designed in a laboratory style. At Fresh Fruits Lab, our menu is specially crafted to infuse fruity elements into our delicacies. Fresh Fruits Lab's passion for experimenting is key to creating the perfect dining experience.

Windowswill Pies
Since Windowsill Pies was founded, we have been obsessed with baking the best pies and tarts you can imagine in our little island. We dedicate our days to creating exciting new flavour pairings and to re-inventing the way you enjoy classic recipes

Monsanco Enchanted Cafe
Most of the original, striking design elements were built or created by hand. The décor features warm, soothing colours, quirky designs, ambient lighting, authentic tree branches, beautiful wall murals and lovingly appointed, mismatched furniture with comfortable seating.

Handlerbar Original
Handlebar is a small group of biker brothers owned company. We make growth decisions based on our own personal beliefs, ideologies and observing life. Not greed or race replica business. Entrepreneurial suicide to come clean of this fact.

Derived from an inspired vision of the Mad Hatter, norms are not what you will see within the culinary journey itself. The experience derives from the relationship between each of the Hatters life story, the food served, and the customer. Our desire is for each customer to leave Hatter Street with a distinct flavour, body of taste which would be ingrained in their memory.

The White Rabbit
Established in 2008, The White Rabbit is a critically-acclaimed landmark known for its European classics, outstanding table-side service and overall exquisite dining experience. Combining classic European cuisine and anachronistic architecture, The White Rabbit transports all who travel down its proverbial rabbit hole to another world.

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